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Fitface Foundations : Face Exercises book
Fitface Foundations : Face Exercises book

Fitface Foundations : Face Exercises by Charlotte Hamilton
Fitface Foundations : Face Exercises
Author: Charlotte Hamilton
Number of Pages: 100 pages
Published Date: 27 Jul 2011
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Country: North Charleston SC, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781463665685
File Name: Fitface.Foundations.Face.Exercises.pdf
Download Link: Fitface Foundations Face Exercises

Before uying another silly cream (that can't penetrate) or seeking invasive Botox TRY EXERCISE - its the simple non invasive route to looking faulous. Fitface Foundations is all about the foundations of your face - your muscles. Exercise your face and you will firm and tone your face and prevent wrinkles, folds and sags form ever forming. Grooves, folds and wrinkles form from doing the same repetitive movements, the face becomes fixed with that expression. Working out your face unwinds, unravels those tense muscles, letting them relax, soften and rebuild ALL the supporting tissues in your sleep. Your complexion will glow from the additional oxygen and nutrients supplied by exercise just like your body would respond. Exercise does not stop at the neck. Whether you are late twenties or early sixties Fitface is for you. Little by little we age, it is a nature process but you can prevent deep folds and wrinkles from ever appearing with face exercises. Just like the body, if you don't use them you will lose them. Build strong firm toned muscles and tone them forever. Your muscles never stop degenerating and regenerating. When you are younger they grow quicker and if you are 60 they will slacken more quickly but it is never too early or too late to exercise and build tone to soften lines and reduce wrinkles. The book has 4 different exercise programs with over 70 exercises all with photographs and easy to follow instructions. PLEASE NOTE (These face exercises ARE THE SAME as first printed in Fitface Hands Free Facial Toning Exercises). Fitface toning exercises are different. The revolutionary new technique is performed "hands free" which means there is no touching or pulling of the skin - to avoid damaging delicate facial tissues. Fitface exercises produce strong, tight, firm muscles and increases collagen to give you a toned facial makeover that lasts a lifetime. Cosmetic surgeons agree that tight firm toned muscles are the most important part of looking good. Fitface "hands free" facial toning exercises work naturally from within - to build, strengthen and repair - lost muscle tone which also rejuvenates collagen. Fitface is fast, fun and easy, making you look fabulous; now and forever. The knife can only cut away healthy skin and muscles, which in the long term results in thinner skin and weaker damaged muscles. Needles can either paralyse muscles or plump under the skin temporarily, to produce a frozen face. In the long the procedures either exacerbates wrinkles or annihilates muscle tone. The long term effects on the brain remain unknown, the choice is yours.

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